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3D Animation

As 3D Animation is well-known art type for our digital world, You can learn & use 3D in various platform like- 3D animated movies, 3D games, 3D Architecture, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Product Designing, Commercials and others 3D artworks,
In this course, you 'll learn how to create 3D art using digital tools in all related industries, once you got trained you can create, publish and show your imaginary world to others. for this professional course we also provide  placements, Internship training & Internal/Live projects with our official studio partners,

3D Animation
3D Animation

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Once you got trained you 'll be join Movie/Game production houses, MNC and Lot of startup companies those are working on 3D Platform, or you can create your own products/ prototype to start your own business.


What is the duration of course?

The course duration is 32 weeks. This is an ideal time for students to find related work while continuing to develop and create a masterpiece in end of months.

What kind of equipment do you have in your labs?

Our lab is fully occupied by latest configured computers, Available all testing devices for relative courses. Planning to setup experience zone for especially Virtual reality

How much time I have to spend studying/working on projects?

Classes run 15 hours per week. You can spend as much you can but a minimum of 30 extra hours for homework. You can work inside the institute till night. We also have a number of industry professionals who supervise labs at on weekends who are here to help you.

What facilities do you have for your students?

Our faculties are Industry professional Spacial Lab & Digital Class Rooms Fully AC Campus Fully Wifi Campus 1:1 Education Policy

How much does the program cost?

As an Educational Institution, Our courses are one of very expensive course available in India. But we are charging 1/5 fee as compared to other institutions.