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Jewellery Designing Courses in Delhi

Digital Jewellery Design

VRx Academy provides best professional training in Jewellery Designing in Delhi, Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD and CAM) processes are revolutionising jewellery today. with the help of 3D printers, designers can produce one-of-a-kind jewellery at a fraction of the cost and jewellery manufacturers can increase production time and quality well beyond what was possible using traditional & cultural crafting of jewellery.

Jump-start your experience with CAD using industry-leading CAD software and Together with software skills, learn useful sizes, shapes and measurements and gain substantial experience designing jewellery to specifications and rendering stunning, photorealistic images of your jewellery designs at VRx Academy.

You will learn.....

Digital Marketing

History & introduction is a part of the designer journey So we always want to aware our students of the fact of the jewelry industry

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To start the creative potential of any jewellery design tool, you need to create break free of libraries and built-in shapes. Learn how to create and manipulate the shapes with the help of curves, create surfaces & solids. Trace curves over scanned paper sketches. Understand solid 3D modeling concepts and use them to create fabulous shapes and designs for your jewellery.

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Using a number of assignments, learn about ring design and practice placing a setting gemstone using bezels and heads. For all these assignments you will learn basic manipulations and design technics for a concept and applied to pendants, earrings and other jewellery products.

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Using modelling techniques for greater flexibility while learning new ways to place your designs of gems and set them in jewellery and make an awesome design for jewellery.

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To build a photo-realistic rendering using industry leading rendering softwares, learn tips for producing stunning, true-to-life renders by incorporating HDR environments like the real world. Create your own rendered videos for design and interactive tools for demonstrating design concepts.

Course Structure

Module 1 Getting Started in Jewelry Design

Module 2 Basic Skills and Techniques

Module 3 Creating Shapes of Surface

Module 4 Creating Ring, Pendant, Bangles, etc

Module 5- Creating Diamond & Gems

Module 6- Advancing Your Design Skills

Module 7- Shading & lighting of Jewellery

Module 8- Rendering & Animation

Module 8- Designing as professional

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