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VRx Academy offers an inclusive Embedded System using AVR MCU training in Delhi. The extensive practical training on AVR MCU equips live projects and simulations. In this training you’ll learn How to work with AVR MCU, Embedded C Programming, Basic Electronic, Interfacing of Electronic components and Modules. Such detailed Embedded System using AVR MCU training course has helped our trainees to secure job in various MNCs as well as to start their own startup. The AVR MCU training syllabus includes for Embedded System using AVR MCU training course module on real time projects along with placement assistance. We give you training starting from the theory, hands-on hardware practical that will enable trainees to design and develop embedded applications. The AVR MCU training module is design for beginners, intermediates, and professional as well. Further, we have kept the AVR MCU course in flexible duration, provided during weekdays and weekends to the attendees.

Course Detail


Introduction to Embedded System (Microprocessor & Microcontroller)

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Classification

Brief Introduction to Computer Architecture

Control Statement, Operators and Loops

Pin Description Of AVR Microcontroller

Architecture Of AVR Microcontroller

Introduction of Embedded C

IDE, IPE & Simulator

Interfacing of LED

Interfacing Of Switches (Push Button & Relay)

Interfacing Of Seven Segment Display

Interfacing of LCD

Interfacing of Motors (DC, Servo, Stepper, DC Geared)

Interfacing Keypad


RS232 Interfacing

Sensor Interfacing

I2C Protocol

SPI Protocol

Project/Case Study on Selected real world application

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